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We are the social platform aiming to provide support to everyone in a complicated life situation.



Rehab challenges

DE:OX App proposes the everyday gamified challenge aiming to help anyone feeling toxic in current situation. Any help we can do for you is there, just tell us about you more and select the situational plan to follow. You go thought it - the app teaches you to predict it in future. Challenge content is developed by the best psychologists, so no hesitation here: follow the plan and see how tomorrow will turn brighter

Social platform

DE:OX Platform gives you the 24/7 possibility to collaborate with other challenge participants or choose the specialist to overcome the situation individually.

Help when there is
no one around

Sometimes it happens that you're alone in danger and psychological terror. Domestic violence is what you can never predict.

We propose the additional option "Judith" free of charge. It's the in-app mode that allows to connect with the law enforcement agencies or the shelter in case someone is under constant physical and psychic pressure. As well as this, a person can read a survival guide and try to cope with the situation on their own.



DE:OX is the social platform aiming the everyday medically grounded and gamified challenges made to balance the emotional state, enable personal growth, push to interact with the real life, educate, motivate and entertain the users.

The unique "Judith" mode gives the way to escape from domestic violence is that case. We aim to give a helping hand to those who need it, to lead through the situation to it's ending and teach to never come back there again.

DE:OX is a place for everyone every day. 

We're always there for you! 

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